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War of the Wills Reviews

What they are saying about War of the Wills

6 June 2023

One Film Fan

"'War of the Wills' exerts its straightforward, piercing, unapologetic, harsh yet darkly humorous presence with superb quality and credible but purposefully excessive energy, an unflinching portrait of what lengths we go to to obtain that which we covet, no matter the cost.It might also be considered a cautionary tale about the consequence of duplicitous acts and the resistance to finding needed common ground to resolve our struggles with another person, as we might end up discovering that what goes around truly DOES come around. But, at minimum, grab yourself a Dad Pants Beer and enjoy one whopper of an adventure in wholly entertaining irrationality."


1 June 2023

Indy Reviews

"Kot Takahashi responds very well to Martin. His explosions of anger contrast sharply with moments of extreme reserve and control. Together the two are a dangerous storm, spoiling to wreak havoc on the house and bring everything crashing down... With high drama and wild emotions, George Dondero’s The War of the Wills contains some biblical twists and turns."

12 May 2023

22 Indie Street

"Writers George Dondero and Bethany Browning have come up with a very clever and very dark film. Dondero also directs and does so quite nicely. Actually, the whole cast does a great job with their parts making "War Of The Wills" a really great movie.... I give the film four and a half stars. Bravo."

22 Indie Street.jpg

10 May  2023

Indy Red

"While it could have been very easy for two people to simply pick a corner in a house and stick to it for twenty-nine days to get the money they're entitled to, Dondero and Browning crafted a much more mischievous story - that was a whole lot of fun to witness. So much of what we experience rests squarely on the shoulders of the movie's main two actors, but that's exactly where it excels, thanks to the excellent work of both Martin and Takahashi, diving completely into their characters without any reservations or hesitation... It's a real twisted tale of family f**kery, and the darker it became only made it more delightful."

9 May 2023

Take 2 Indie Review

"Martin capably chews the scenery whenever given the opportunity. There are some well-crafted tonal shifts throughout the film, particularly in a tense third act that really picks up the pace. This bonkers little sequence serves as a rather nasty crescendo to all that came before it, and it’s where Takahashi and Martin both manage to shine equally."

Take 2.jpg

8 May 2023

Screen Critix

"War of the Wills is a funny, devious, and watchable film that features a strange but captivating plot line. The father and son relationship is a strong one that keeps us watching throughout, but it is the clever and well-written denouement that helps War Of The Wills end strongly, managing to thoroughly satisfy its audience."

1 May 2023

UK Film Review

"Martin's character is the one who steals the show. A grumpy, sarcastic, rude, childish and manipulative person who drinks a lot, listens to old music on a gramophone and is determined to claim the inheritance for himself...  Martin's performance and the situation between the father and his son are enough to make this a viewing that is worthwhile."

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